Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm on a roll baby....

I finished off another WIP!!


These were also started last yr.. Aug 6th to be exact now they were going to be for mom for xmas, but with her complaining about having to wash Eris by hand.. I'll make her another pair with some superwash. I have some yellow opal that she might like.. yellow is her fav color.

I wonder what I can find to finish off next??

OH and there's a parcel for me at the post office.. it might be the yarm for the bag I'm making!!

can't wait to start that too!!

I'm going to make this bag.

I bought enough yarn for 2 bags... thats how much I like this


LivingSmall said...

Ok I love the bag too thanks for the link I think I will have to make one also.

Anonymous said...

Those socks look GREAT!!I remember when you started them! lol

That bag is going to look great too.


Yarn Devil said...

Hey! Love those socks! They are fun! Doesnt it feel good to finish them!