Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a couple more outta 52 and a few more on the way..

Firstly here's a crapy pic of that swedish shawl/scarf(clicky for translation) I translated... it's not done yet and won't be until Polly can find me some more yarn, it's a 3 ply and all I have left is 2 ply in the same color... so close but yet so far.

a pair of socks I started the other day... I finished one sock, but of course the second is going pretty slow... my usual ankle socks with the mish mash pattern.
I really should write up what I do so I don't have to jump to different sites when I forget something.
Steven got the One Row Scarf I made him... see he LOVES it!!
or maybe it's the awsome I-phone I bought him from the $$ store that makes all the cool noises??

He's so adorable... and is growing like a weed.

Some flowery slippers I whipped up in the past 2 nights... so fast that Albert didn't even see me knitting them... I was sewing them up and adding the flowers, and he says where did those come from... so I looked at the bag of yarn and waved my arms over it and said
and POOF!
there were slippers...
ok it was just about that fast

and finally the Corn Fiber socks....
which btw ARN'T good winter socks!!
my toes froze at work!!
they will be great summer socks tho!

have a good rest of the week!!


Kris said...

You really make me want to get into socks. Haha!
I will soon enough though. I've slowly been making a stash of sock yarns. ;)

lara griffiths said...

i love those slippers! i saw your picture of them shared with lesser know skeins. you are ahead of the trend. this must be the year of the slippers. i want to knit a pair like yours for myself and everyone i know. i even bought amy karols mailorder 9 for her slipper pattern that i cant wait to make.

happy blogging and knitting!

Lupie said...

The shawl look like it is going to be beautiful. Love all the socks and Steven is as awesome as his scarf.
I just printed out the pattern for the slippers. They are so cute!