Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm sick and a FO

I started feeling bad on Friday at work.. my head started to get stuffed.. all thanks to DJ who was sick all week.

Saturday was really bad, until Albert came home with some meds
Albert washed and dried all the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, the girls tidied the living room and rumpus room and vacuumed...and all while I laid on the couch moaning and groaning, trying to knit on a sock and watching TBS all morning.

about all I could do was sit on the couch and knit... mindless knitting.

I started the Feb 7 2005... I finished them just about 2 yrs to the day!!!

Now thats a long wip!!

DJ is going on a ski trip so that was my incentive on finishing them... so her toes don't freeze like popcicles on the trip.

here's her wearing them:

I still have to give them a little wash and dry them, but they're finally done!!

till next time....


TricsH said...

Great Looking socks!
Feel better!!

Anonymous said...

The socks look fantastic!!

And better late then never! Sure she will get a lot of good wear out of them