Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I screwed my back up

at work on monday I was lifting boxes and putting things on the wall...

up and down the ladder

we have tall walls... like 10 feet high

then yesterday morning, I went to get a bale out of the barn for the alpacas

twisted the wrong way

and pulled something in the bottom of my back.

I could barely walk yesterday and this morning I had to get Naiomi to pick my sweat pants off the floor.

I have drugs for it, and have been taking them, not working much.

I put some blue ice on it this morning and seems to work a bit.

I finished my bag for the tote exchange 3, I hope my partner likes it!!

it's hard for me to send it away.. I love the colors and it's the perfect size for me

I used this pattern only adding 2 more sts per section and knit until the bag measured 14 inches instead of the 8 it said in the pattern. I used noro yarn #90.. nice rich jewel tone colors.

I hope my partner likes it and the goodies I added too... sorry no pic.. somethings have to be a secret ;0)

till next time


Anonymous said...

That back looks great!!

I hope your back heals up real soon. I know back injuries can be a right pain and take forever to get right (if they do at all)..

I hope that pattern has turned up!!


Yarn Devil said...

The Bag is beautiful!
I hope you back gets feeling better soon!