Monday, August 07, 2006

gramma socks

I started some socks for mom for xmas yesterday,
2.5 mm 40 inch circ
knitpicks yarn in grandma
don't you just love them... it's gonna be hard to give these up.. altho I'm sure I can make some
I also took another look at the tulip socks and realized I don't like how they're turning out... I should of used a bigger needle I was using a US sz 0 and should of used a one, and I should of put a 2 purl sts around the tulip instead 2 straight lines on either side.. I'll knit again using a different method. they were cute, just not feeling it at the moment, to bad I was just about done the mofit!?!?!
It hit the frog pond!
bugger anyways
later gators


Joni said...

Awesome sock! The combination of colors in the yarn, and the stitch patterning...So pretty.

Anonymous said...

The sock looks fantastic!!! Bet your mum will love it

Bugger about tulip socks!