Saturday, January 24, 2009


I recently received a link by e-mail from a friend... a year of crockpotting

this lady made 1 thing in her crock pot everyday last yr... even yogurt!

and since we go thru alot of yogurt here... with mostly myself eatting it.

Why not try and make my own?

Here's the link to the recipe and even tho there is LOADS of comments

read thru them... lots of hints and tricks and other recipies in there!

My Ingredients with the prices.

- 2 liters of homo milk $3.59

750 ml of astro plain yogurt ( altho you only need 1 cup, thats all they had)$3.99

a box of Knox gelatin, 12 pkts per box, $3.79

1 tbsp vanilla $.20??

4 tbsp honey $ .50 ( we buy a 1 liter container in town for $6)

Lets Start:( this is what I did from all the tips in the comments on the recipe page)

Turn the crock pot on low with the lid on.

first measure out the 8 cups of milk into a lg pot and heat it up to 190C

place it into a cold water bath and and bring it down to 110C

I then took a bit of the milk that was left in the jug ( there was very little) and added the gelatin into it... them I added the 1 cup yogurt and mixed it well... I then added about another cup of the warmer milk, vanilla and honey and mixed these all together.

I added this into the pot of warm milk and stirred.

unplug the crockpot and add the yogurt mixture.

replace the lid and bundle it up like your taking it outside for a skidoo trip.

(it's -40c here so bundle it up alot!)

I checked it after about 1 hour and since our house is a bit on the cold side it was cooling off pretty fast so I threw the whole thing ( towels and all) into the over with the light on and left it there for the night.

In the morning this is what I had...



I can't believe it actually worked on the first try!

I had a little taste, but it's still a little warm, and I really don't care for warm yogurt.

but it tastes like plain yogurt...

the vanilla and honey didn't seem to change the taste much, maybe once it's cooled off more??

so maybe next time I'll just make the plain and add fruit and honey to it as we eat it.
if I keep this up I may have to make a felted crockpot

While I was waiting for the yogurt I finished some socks.

suprised arn't you?? lol

they are super close to being the same but there was a knot in the yarn on one and altho they matched the color up they're off by about 2 rows... you can't really notice unless you really look.
and really who cares right??
they're in your shoes all day anyways!

till next time....

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Megan said...

This is so cool. Thanks for sharing!