Thursday, January 08, 2009

52 in 52

Firstly Happy New Year Everyone.

We had a quite one here we always opt to stay home where it's warm and safe.

This yr we played pictionary with the kids

Albert and DJ on one team and Naiomi and myself on the other.

We kicked butt!! lol

It's been freezing here too... like in the -40c with the windchill and one day it even hit -51c

the animals are doing well even with the cold weather..

I went to feed them during the holidays and noticed where Buckie was laying out by the feeder the hay under him was wet... he's so warm that it melted!! holy moly.

I've been doing some - ok well alot - of knitting so I'm going along with Jane in the 52 in 52

52 knitted items in 52 weeks.. so far I have this:

Tiger Socks (opal)for Carol

with my mish mash pattern for socks ;)

Koru Baby Hat for Naiomi's Hip Hop teachers baby who just had a baby girl.

and a cell case, just playing around one day.

I may get way more than the 52 if I keep going at this rate.
catchya later


Lupie said...

Love the tigar socks and so many are making the One Row Scarf I may just have to start one.

Katidids said...

Wow you have a great jump on the 52in52! Great projects, love the socks