Monday, February 09, 2009

one heck of a deal

I was browsing around kijiji a couple weeks ago and found this:

for the great deal of $25!!
I have no plans for it at the moment, but it was too good of a deal just to let go buy.
Maybe some mitts and felted slippers for Etsy or gifts??
The knitwear was pretty well received at X-mas, so if I start now I should be done a day or 2 before the big
till next time...


Ariel said...

Pretty yarn and isn't that so true. In December I was thinking, I should start early in the year working on next year's gifts. Have I ever given it a second thought????????

Lupie said...

Wow $25!!! I could get half of that for $25 at my LYS.

Anonymous said...

ooh thats a bargain and a half!!

good idea to get ahead on chrissie pressies ;) i am sooo getting started before first of Dec i swear!!