Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hey Blog..

How are ya??

been awhile huh??

Yeah I've been busy... knitting and then frogging what I just knit!??!

Remember last yr when I bought this yarn for Anne Evilla??

well I started.... and wasn't feeling the stripes.


BUT it may become that once again... only with the blue though.

so there it sat in the craft room in a bag... still knit up..

then I seen this pattern just last month

Yep that was it... thats what the yarn wanted to be...

if only I thought the same way as the yarn... nice pattern, but big flowers... not a good look for me .....
so off to the frog pond again....
and I'm thinking 3rd times a charm right??

nice pattern but not for this yarn ... again!!
Then I raveled Kauni yarn in the search box
and also decided that the yarns arn't meant to be together...
and some ppl have/are knitting Tangled Yoke Cardi
with it.... BINGO!!
the pattern calls for DK weight yarn and Kauni is only a fingering... so I cast on for the second biggest size to get the size I needed

So far I'm LOVING it!!

slow knitting tho... I've knit for 2 days and only have 5 iches..

just about 300 sts per row tho and 3mm needles... I didn't think it would go very fast.

Last weekend I watched The Holiday” this weekend on the “W” network… LOVED every minute of the movie… but when I seen the scene with the white cabled sweater.. I knew I had a mission to find this pattern and make it… I searched the net and FINALLY found the pattern on Ravelry ( shocking huh… I knew I should of looked here first…lol) I looked around at yarn choices and decided on Cascade Yarns Eco wool in light tan oatmeal… very neutral and then I can wear the sweater with EVERYTHING!! I’m planning on making it longer in the body as well.

Like this one... much better with a little more length.

Valentines Day was pretty quite here.. I had to work, Naiomi went to Grammas and DJ and Albert were in Indian Head for Basketball, but I did get to go shopping, on Albert dollar..

he said they wanted to get me a family ring... but I wanted to pick it out.

I went to Etsy.

Pretty huh??
The seller is muyinmolly

we also got a daughters pride ring for DJ... totally shocked her when we gave it to her!!

good times!!

Till next time... stay warm...
(it's been freezing here again..)


lara griffiths said...

i nominated you for the kreativ blogger award!

Crystal said...

I loved everything you stared, esp Spring, and great ring!

Lupie said...

I thought I was the only one that went throught these things with patterns and yarn!