Saturday, February 07, 2009


so whatta you know... spring might actually be on it's way!!

it's been slushy and muchy around here this past week... nice to see.

Altho I'm pretty sure were gonna get a bunch of cold weather and storms before Spring actually arrives... it's coming!!

and to celebrate.... I'm knitting this:

I frogged Anne Evilla I was knitting, I will knit it again I think it's pretty but I'm thinking maybe in a solid color?? and maybe in some handspun?

I've been pretty faithfull in running everyday now... I'm up to 88 kms.. not to bad I think.

I started a pair of socks too... Pukeawe

Mom picked up the yarn from Hawaii when she went there last month.

It's called Mango Wood... and isn't as bright as in the pic.

I finished this too:

It's super warm, even tho it's so small.

It SO doesn't suit me but I wanted a finished pic.

so I'm off to knit again...

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Lupie said...

I am making a scarf that has ties like your Scarf Shawl.
I just printed out the pattern because I love the look!