Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Albert went a huntin'

and got himself a deer

and I did a bit of knitting too... I knit some slippers to felt ( no decent pic and not felted yet) and a lace facecloth (rav) (it's pretty big so next time I won't do as many rows) to go with some of the soap for x-mas gifts, some ginormous man mitts for my moms BF

DJ also found out that Mona LOVES Oodles... she loves to be nose to nose with her and it was all well until Oodles got scared and bit Mona on her nose... not very hard tho just enough to scare her a bit... it was pretty funny!
after the ice storm we had the other week Naiomi found this leaf stuck to a piece of ice... she carefully pulled the leaf off and saved this impression... looks so neat!

Oh and the new Ulla came out!!!

check out this sweater Taran labyrintti

I heart it... the colors and all the wooly goodness, I want one!

if only I had the yarn and new how to read

maybe one day... I'm pretty busy with other things right now anyways.

when we went up to Alb's brothers to pick up the moose meat I showed my SIL my blog... well now she's hooked (waves) Hi Charlene.

she started her own blog... you should go have a look and say hello


and Charlene DJ says "good job and woo hoo" on the new blog

till next time...


Kris said...

I won't claim to know the first thing about Finnish knitting.
But I'm going to give it a shot. ;)

noricum said...

Lovely facecloth! (Mmmm! I love venison!)