Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dad called....

early friday morning... he had bad news... my uncle Alan just died that morning... I knew he wasn't well and was losing weight but didn't know it was that bad... they were in the process of doing tests to figure out what was wrong and were leaning towards Lupus, needless to say I didn't go to work that day. The funeral is wednesday, in Calgary, we'd leave tuesday and come back thrusday... so that would be 4 days of lost work.... something I just can't afford to do at this time. I feel bad about not going, but I'm pretty sure Auntie Blanche and the boys will understand... plus I think it's to cold to travel that far and if the roads are bad... it's best to stay home.

Uncle Al will be missed, he was truely one of a kind.

I've been keeping myself busy with mostly knitting....
the purple clogs with funfur are for the girls bus driver and the yellow ones are for auntie Blanche.
the balls of yarn in the middle are going to be for clogs for myself.

I'll make the foot colorful then use black for the cuff and maybe some embroidering.

these are so easy to make.


if you have a bigger foot knit the toe until you have 36 or 40 sts and knit the foot longer as well.

with Lopi yarn and 8mm circ

cast on 16 sts using the magic cast on method

knit the next row.

on the next row increase 4 times just after the first st and just before the last st.

knit the next row.

continue these 2 rows until you have 32 sts of if you have a wider foot until you have 36 sts.

knit plain until the foot reaches 9 inches.

on the back half of the sts purl one row and knit one row.

do a wrap and turn heel wrapping 5 sts on each side.

when the heel is done, pick up 2 sts from the 2 rows just befoer the heel and knit around 2 times.

change to your contrast color and knit one row, then purl 3 rows,

cast off very loosley knitwise.

felt and wear with pride.

if you have trouble with my fast little pattern... basicly it's a huge sock ( ankle sock)

but if you have questions just ask and I'll try and explain.

till next time...


Jane said...

So sorry about your uncle.
And thanks for the pattern for the clogs - sounds easy and fast. I love lopi yarn for felting, it takes longer to felt but comes out great.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your uncle :(

bigges hugs to you and yours!!

Bea said...

I'm sorry about your uncle.

Val said...

Sorry for the loss of your uncle.

Thanks for sharing info on your clog slippers. They look so cozy!