Wednesday, October 08, 2008

knitting post

I've been knitting some lately... or lots depending on how you look at

I started another sweater for Polly using this pattern it's turning out smaller than I'd like tho... I'm knitting the biggest size on needles 1 size larger ( getting gauge) I was hoping for a man sized sweater, but I'll be lucky if it fits me?!!? weird.

maybe blocking it will help it out ?!?

I cast on and off for this quick scarf too
with one row to remember and big needles it sure made that ball of yarn disapear fast!!I didn't block it yet and i may not, it's so soft and smushy!
I cast on something for myself too... the Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf

I won this yarn from Claudias blog when she was doing her MS bike ride... I cast on 5 or 6 different scarves with it and nothing looked right, Cass cast on a little while ago ( it's where I first seen it) and I loved it, but it looked WAY too hard...

But looks can be deceiving!!

this is just about as easy as a good ole' garter stitch scarf!

and with only 3 cable twists in 23 rows... you can't go wrong!!
Lucy is still doing well, and Lloyds face is just about completely better too!!
it's been raining here alot the past couple of days so they all look like drown rats... cute in a funny way.
We also got another rabbit.... just a regular white rabbit.
We got her from the mom of a lady I work with...
so the kids and myself though we should name her after her...
so we named her
you should of seen Carrots when I put her into the cage next to his.... he was a pretty excited little bunny, mostly I think because he's been lonely since Koko died... and because Kelly is a hot little number.. ;) lol
Well I suppose thats all for now.... it's Thanksgiving here in canada this weekend, Mmmmmm turkey, stuffing, perogies, and all the fixings!!!
have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

love the knitting! especially gotta love quick knits!

oh cant wait to see rabbit pics..

and glad to hear Lucy and Lloyd are doing well!!

Enjoy your thanksgving!!!

noricum said...

Oooo... I love that reversible scarf!