Sunday, October 12, 2008

Icelandic Thanksgiving Sweater

icelandic sweater 4, originally uploaded by craftydandymomma.

I knit all day today... and I finished the sweater that I've been working on for 3 weeks... boy it seemed WAY longer than that... all that grey plain ole' knitting.... BORING!! but the yoke was so much fun!!


Tomorrow I'm roasting the beast... and the family is coming for supper... this is the first time I've decided to cook a big bird like this so I really hope its
a. not burnt
b. not raw


ah, it should be fine... I have DJ helping me

Happy Turkey Day!!


noricum said...

Happy thanksgiving!

I just caught up on the last several posts... I'm so happy that your little alpaca is doing better! I was so sad to read the first post, but was much happier after reading the following ones. I guess I'm glad I was behind, so that I didn't have to wait for the good news! It must have been miserable for you and your family, though. *hugs*

sophanne said...

beatuiful beautiful sweater!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the sweater!!

Hepsi said...

That sweater is gorgeous!