Friday, September 26, 2008

I may have jumped the gun

well I know now I did... but what do I know I'm not a vet....and the lady I talked to who also had an alpaca with the same problem... she said that the hole can shut again and they had to put their cria down... so I thought same problem... same outcome.
we got up early this morning and was at the vets before 9am..
Albert went in to get Rob as I was in no shape to go in... ( it was a LONG drive!!)
Rob comes out with a glove on and some lube...
and says theres scar tissue built up around where he cut her before.
before he even seen her!!
he jumps in the back of the van and stretches the opening.
digs out some poop and tell us that we should do this once a week for 2 or 3 more weeks, not the digging part but the stretching, and to go home and give her a enema with warm water and dish detergent.
(I do wish he would of said something about this before, maybe we could of done the same thing every now and then and it wouldn't of got so bad)
we paid him the whole $5.25 and we're on our way home!
we gave her the enema when we got there and with in 10 mins she let it all come out.
Albert watched her while I was at work and he said that she's been running laps around the other alpacas and wagging her tail.
I'm so glad things wern't as bad as I thought... and I'd just like to thanks everyone for their kind words... it means alot to know your all there living in my computer ;)
thanks a bunch
and thanks to Dr. Rob!!


Ariel said...


Bea said...

So happy to read this! Well grossed out but still happy.

sophanne said...

so so glad

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear all is going to be ok..

sorry i missed out on the drama before. i havent really neart any blogs of late.


Kris said...

Yaaaay, that makes me so glad to hear! :)
I'm glad you didn't have to put her down and even more glad that she's already showing a great improvement!

Jane said...

Oh what great news!

Tami said...

So glad it all turned out ok, and that it was an easy fix.

Crystal said...


TricsH said...

Oh thats wonderful! Good to hear she is doing well.