Sunday, June 15, 2008

so you wanna hear something funny???

it'll be fricken hillarious for you and somewhat embarassing for me.

ok since Lucys been born we've pretty much focused on her... right??

yep right.

well I did notice that Lloyd kinda looks like Lucy in the "unmentionable" area but didn't really pay any attention... I did notice that there was no nuts but just figured that maybe they'll come when he's a bit older, right cuz you can't always tell.... our rabbits were supposed to be all males, but to our suprise George turned out to be a girl.
this has been bugging me for a couple weeks now, but not until today I've really had anytime to check... so I grabbed DJ and told her were gonna catch Lloyd.
"why" she says.
"Ummmm, I think he's a girl."
and she tells me that she's been thinking the same thing too!!
so we catch him and check....
no willie... check
no nuts... check
Lloyds a girl!!!!
how embarassing!!!
now what'll we call him/her
we thought of Hazel
it's a older name just like Lucy is... kinda suits him/her
but it's hard to try and call her Hazel when your used to calling her
Naiomis been singing "Hazel, Hazel, has no nuts"
poor little alpaca...
and just think I wanted to be a vet when I was younger...
so glad I didn't take that road!! lol
Albert is away today umping ball, boy won't he be suprised when he gets home and we tell him the news.
he's home now
be right back.....


ok back... and he says... "yeah right?!?!"

"lets go check"

ok... so he has a look and yep he's still a girl....


Lucy and Hazel


Deb said...

OMG! Lloyd's a girl? LMAO!!!
Too funny!!

Love the close-up! Look at those gorgeous eyes! :)

aksunflour said...

I knew that as soon as I read your title and first sentence that this shouldn't be read while sitting in bed w/a sleeping child. So I did anyway- luckily she didn't wake up.

ROFL! But hey... he could have been a male that wasn't fully developed it has happened. Still like Lloyd though. Wait isn't that in a song? Oh yeah, Lola.

Jane said...

I hope you haven't given the poor girl a complex for life now! How is Lucy taking it?

sara said...

That's hi-larious! Poor Lloyd. I hope he doesn't suffer an identity crisis. They are both so beautiful!

Bea said...

OH my. That is a surprise!

Monika said...

>GRIN< - that's hilarious!!! :o)

Ariel said...

That is tooooo funny!!! She's still beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...

i will laugh less hard then everyone else..

we had the same thing with out cat the other year!! i thought he was a he..everyone else said she...

i was right when his tiny little balls appeared (lets say he was far from well hung like his brothers..and my mum said that the future of cats would NOT lie on those nuts)...

It was too late then though...Tara was his name..and Tara he stayed until we got rid of him for being a dirty cat..


Unknown said...

"She" is adorable!!!!!