Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiber Shack

my bff's mom was giving away a tent... I just went tonight after work to pick it up....

she said that she remembers going camping in it when she was young... so I'm guessing it's at least from the late 60's?? anyone else have any guesses on the tents age??

there's a few rips and holes in the floor... and one along the edge, but other that that it's in pretty darn good shape... and it's huge!!

Albert can stand up in it and his head just barley reaches the top...

For being so big it's not to bad to set up either... DJ and myself put it up in about 1 hr... next time it shouldn't take so long as we didn't know what we were doing this time.

I'm going to use it for a fiber

ok well I'll spin in it anyways... I burn so easily so it'll be nice to go outside to spin or knit and not look like a lobster afterwards!!
till next time.....
oh and we're still gonna call Llyd, Lloyd... it's so hard to change a name that fits so and a friendtold me that maybe in alpaca land that Lloyd just very well be a girls name?!?


noricum said...

Well, if anyone asks, just say her name is really Lloydine after your great-great-grandmother, and you call her Lloyd for short. ;)

noricum said...

Ooooo... I just noticed the pretty blue yarns in your Etsy shop. Gorgeous!!!