Monday, June 30, 2008

so Claudia was riding a bike for MS

Claudia from Claudias Blog was doing the Ride for MS again this yr...

Both my Dad and a good friend of mine have MS, both different degrees of the disease.

I donated... I had to.. ok well I didn't have to but I wanted too.

did you see how much she raised??

FINAL TOTAL: $32,548.00


she raised $15,000 from friday to sunday... just from knitters!!

How awsome is that???

freakin' awsome!!

and just to sweeten the pot in case you donate there was a huge prize basket from which she drew names from the ppl who donated.

( you can still donate but you just won't get a prize)

I won!!

Theresa R. donated a cone of Artfibers
colorway "Cheesecake"
it's 30% silk and 70% extra fine merino

isn't it awsome!

I wonder what I should make with it?

maybe I should buy a lotto ticket.. I seem to be having good luck lately.

till next time....


aksunflour said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful color! You should get a lot of nice knitting out of it.

noricum said...

Lucky you!

A friend of mine is just discovering she has something that the doctors are thinking is MS. :( She's still getting tests.