Friday, June 27, 2008

kitchen re-do and knitting too

We're re-doing the kitchen... nothing too major, just re-doing the countertop, putting in new lino and painting.

The counter is a awful yellow color, but we've lived with it for yrs now... it's falling apart so it's time to rip it out totally!

We're keeping the panel board there but painting over it.

and we're planning on adding new door pulls and hinges... last time we painted we just painted them.. it was nice for a couple days until the paint started to come off.
I think Albert is getting a new built in dishwasher too... the old one kinda works but our water is so hard here and it's kinda gunked up, but we have a water softener now so all should be ok.
pic of the colors we're planning on using:

a close up.... the top pic is more accurate for colors

and I did start Breeze.. it's moving along pretty darn fast... this is being knit up with my handspun from the other day.. I LOVE it!

and a sucky close up of the heel:

till next time...


aksunflour said...

aside from having slightly different style of cupboard doors our kitchen cupboards are the same.. (I like your kitchen colors better too. mine are well, um can you say orange sherbet?)

good luck on the remodel.

noricum said...

Your handspun is gorgeous!