Friday, June 06, 2008

Lloyd and Lucy.... Lucy and Lloyd

Firstly.. Lucy is doing great!!

she is back to being her playful little self again...

and she did the cutest thing EVER!!

the other day she was across the yard, so I went out there just to watch them... and she noticed me... I called her

"Lucy come here, come here little girl"

she booted it across the yard and gave me some kisses



Lloyd came running too, but no kisses from him...

he's such a little man it's not even

Lloyd is just in love with his new little playmate,

where ever you see Sierra and Lucy... Lloyd is sure to be no less than 3 feet behind!

The other day I even seen Buck babysitting.

he was in the back on the dirt pile where they roll, and he had the babies with him... I went out to see where the girls were and they were in the front of the yard, heading back... it's like they went out shopping while he was sitting at home with the too funny!!

Since Lusy has been born she's gained about 4 lbs.. which is pretty good considering what she's been through, after she lost the pound just after her surgery she's been gaining about 1/2 lb per day again.

Now Lloyd, whose just a big bruiser... is so solid, pure muscle!

and after he's been eatting grass, had been gaining about 1 lb per day!

we haven't weighed him in a while so the other night when DJ was out watching the babies play Lloyd came close enough to catch him...

Good thing we were all outside and heard her yelling at us...

"go get the scale I caught Lloyd!!"


Albert grabbed the scale and I, of course, grabbed the

just look at that boy... he's just about the same size as DJ!!


we weighed him last night again and he's at 46 lbs now... he's more than doubled his weight in less than one month!

what a little monster!

well thats all thats new for now.

till next time...


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Tami said...

How adorable, those are great pics.
So glad they are all doing well.

Jane said...

I can tell you are having a ball with your new baby!

Monika said...

I was checking in daily to see if there's an update on Lucy. I'm glad she's doing so well!!! What a lovely furry family!

noricum said...

I'm glad to hear that Lucy is doing so well!

Today I met a little lamb named Princess who was born premature or something, and her mother rejected her. We gave her lots of love, and she looked to be doing much better (although still not as well as the other lambs) by the end of the day.

aksunflour said...

Love your babies- thought about you the other day as I drove by a local ranch. The baby alpaca was running its mama ragged! So cute.

Unknown said...

Very totally awesome!!! It is so much fun to see them grow. I'm glad Lucy is doing better.