Wednesday, May 28, 2008

not so perky today

Lucy isn't quite so perky today....

yesterday she was all full of energy and today she just lays there... she's gets up now and then to try and poop (there is a bit coming out) and she's still nursing a bit....
I've been trying to give her a bottle but she doesn't want it... either because she's full or she just doesn't feel good.
I hope she pulls through.
Naiomi phoned me after school and was sad and crying about her... we didn't want to lie to the kids and says everythings going to be alright... we told them that just because she's fixed, she still might not make it, and we'll have to keep a close eye on her.
I phoned Dr. Rob this morning too to see what he said, and he told me to keep giving her oil to pass things through... the oil is working, but maybe it's too much and maybe thats why she's not feeling well?? he also said that there's a chance that something else might be wrong on the inside and he has no way of telling... and even if he could, he's not to sure he can fix it.
so please send all of your thoughts and prayers our way.
till next time.


noricum said...

*hugs* I sure hope Lucy pulls through okay! She's such a little sweetie.

sophanne said...

lots of get well thoughts your way

Anonymous said...

sending lots of positive vibes to little Lucy.