Friday, April 25, 2008

aprox 26 days to go

till Pebbles has her baby... if she's on schedule??
and about 32 days till sierra has hers!! ( I was watching her belly yesterday when I was feeding them... and there was ALOT of kicking going on in that little belly!! so exciting!!!)
we have colostrum on hand, and some nipples too...
we're going to grab some milk ( just in case)
I have 2 cria sweaters done ( just have to add the zippers) incase it's chilly out that day.
not just to sit and wait patiently...
it's easier said than done thats for sure!
we took down the old barn door which got broken last winter from the wind and bought a new one from the Co-op in town... will have to put that up soon too.
It's still not warm here... it's been in the minus' all week, at least we didn't get the snow they were predicting last weekend... my brother got 10 inches!! and when I talked to my friend who lives further south they got 2 feet... she said thats more than they got all winter!!!
all we got on the weekend was a bit of rain... and really not even enough to wet things down.
I ordered the yarn for Anne Evilla last friday... I'm hoping it comes today... shouldn't take more than a week from BC right?
well thats all... pretty boring stuff really..
maybe next time I'll at least have a picture to show??

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aksunflour said...

Must be spring... DH got a call from one of his guitar lesson students. The student said "he had cows calving and had to cancel his lesson." The bummer for the student is that we have had snow the last couple of days.

Here's hoping that your weather is warm when your babes are born.