Sunday, May 04, 2008

I knit a hemi

I cast on April 28th with some green wool tweedy stash yarn, the flower is so fast and I probally could of got it done in about a day if I tried.

I did the crochet cast off... I just couldn't imagine using up 15 mins to bind off 7 sts how it was written!?! I tried I'd still be casting off now if I took that route

Suzie helped me hold down the hemi while I pined... she did a ok job!

It's going to be for mom for mothers day...

I want to make another one for myself... there's a great one here on Ravelry made by Ladymyzt (flickr link)... gorgeous!!! she spun the yarn for it... just look at those colors!!

16 days till the babies come now... it's getting so close and the girls are getting so uncomfortable... their big ole bellies, Pebbles tried to roll in the dirt and can only do so much before she has to get up, turn over and continue. Sierra is getting a tummy on her too, altho not as big as Pebbles, bit it's coming along..

Today I'm going to cast on for Anne Evilla!!

I rolled the ball of pink/natural last night... took me over 1 hour!! thats a big ball of yarn! the blues came on a cone, I can't wait to get that started!

I better go and cast on right now...

catchya later.


sara said...

It's so lovely! Good job!

PS: Suzie is darling!

Jane said...

I love that! Was it really that easy? Is it worsted weight yarn?
I have to try it!

Anonymous said...

ooh i love that!!! the colour is great too

aksunflour said...

Oh you make everything sound so easy!

But it is breath taking. good job.