Monday, February 11, 2008

my new jumbo wheel

ok, so the flyer itself isn't new, I bought that part yrs ago on ebay.

$50 I think.

I wanted dad to put together the bottom wheely part... well that was....


.... 2 yrs ago???

never did get the wheel together...(dad couldn't figure out the treedle conecting to the wheel part) and the bottom stayed at dads and I brought the flyer home

then Tricia ( by the hills)

came up with the idea of using a ceiling fan motor to electrify the flyer

well this worked great for her... for me ..not so good... my motor only had 1 speed... FAST!!!

it just didn't work for mine... so into the basement it went....

on sunday we went to dads to pick up a dresser for DJ and there still sits the wheely part, I brought it home hoping I could figure something out.

low and behold... and $10 later I had the bolt, nuts, washers and bungie cord.

I used some scrap wood that was just kicking around the garage and made the treddle and the wood connecter thing to the wheel.. I cut the bungie cord in half to attach the wheel to the treddle.

for the belt I used a pair for boot laces.. I cut them to the length I needed, sewed them up making it a little tight so it would have some grab.

after a couple hours I had this:

(excuse the crappy pic... my good camera has dead batteries)

I tried to give it a whirl, but the belt didn't have enough grab so I got some silicon and rubbed some into the belt... hopefully this will help and the flyer will turn.... it does turn great when your not plying anything, which doesn't help worth shit when you really want to ply ;)

This jumbo bobbin is BIG... I'm pretty sure I could fit at least 8 smaller ashford bobbins on it.......maybe more?!

just inagine the skein I could make with this baby!!

I have to wait till tomorrow morning to try it out... it's kinda noisy...

like the kind of noisy that Stacy who lives just down the road from me will know when I'm using

it's really ugly too... very dark wood for the flyer... a burnt wood for the treddle... and the rest is plain ole unpainted wood... it'll be painted... probally something funky..

pink orange green... polka dots??

stripes?? plaid??

with sheep grazing??

yep maybe all of the above!

stay tuned



Anonymous said...

wow that is HUGE!!

i hope it works for you...

cant wait to see how you paint it

sophanne said...

That is an amazing feat!