Monday, February 11, 2008

Swatchy Contest

to enter all you have to do is photoshop swatchy in one of your nice and warm

vacation pics!!

and since I really never go on "vacation" here's swatchy catching some rays with the girls and charlie on the day Charlie found us.

Speaking of Charlie... the last time it was nice and warm, which was Jan 27th.. Charlie decided to go "tomming" the next day it turned cold... really cold.. like -51c cold... and unfortunatly we haven't seen him since... 2 weeks out in the cold.... we are trying to have a little hope that he's found a nice warm spot to call home for now and that he's getting something to eat, but gawd it's fricken cold... hope he's ok and comes back soon.

till next time...

1 comment:

noricum said...

Cool! Thanks for the entry... you're the first! :) I hope Charlie comes home safe and sound!