Friday, February 15, 2008

I had a dream the other night

ok so I was outside at work shoveling the sidewalk... and I fell....
my leg was kinked to the side... and at the same time one of the town guys came down the sidewalk with the big snowblower...
and before he seen me it was too late.
chop... chop... chop
there goes my leg.
he gets out of the blower, screaming like a girl saying OMG>> OMG...I have to call 911.
well being a blogger I kept on telling him.... take pictures first... I need to blog about this!!
pictures were taken and before my operation to fix up my mangled leg ( which they couldn't fix btw...) I blogged about it....
later while in recovery... when I was waking up... I noticed a bunch of knitters (probally all of you) standing there in my room with a big "get well" basket.
you each had so kindly knit me one sock... since thats what I needed with only one foot left.
sure does fix the second sock syndrome doesn't it!!
I sure do hope that dream doesn't come true..


Yarn Devil said...

Wow, Thats a wild one.. you got a second sock syndrome going on that you haven't told us about?
:D ttyl

aksunflour said...

that was one wild dream!