Sunday, December 30, 2007

what a workout

I gave Joylene quite a work out the past few days...
first I spun 2 bobbins of this... I don't know how much... just till the bobbins were about 3/4 full

then I had some natural colored roving I bought from the same place... I dyed it pink and blue and spun up a bobbin of that too

this stuff likes to be spun very thin!!

the finished yarn is aprox 372 yrds of 3 ply... and about a worsted weight yarn.
now just to find a pattern to go with it!!


aksunflour said...

great job on the spinning!
Looks great.

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Jane said...

Beautiful! I really need to learn how to do that - it must be so satisfying to get results like that.

Kris said...

Ack, the end results are just gorgeous! Brings a tear to my eye. I really need to learn how to do this.