Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

So a new years resolution of mine (well the only one) was to use up most of my stash... I started this morning with some of the bulkier yarns that I got last yr from a lady in town... I cast on in black and now have worked some rows in all the colors... I'm planning to repeat the colors in the same order but in a different row count... hopefully that it won't look to crazy... I'm planning a hood with the black button band going all the way up and around.. also black for the ribbing on the sleeve cuffs. I'm going to pick up the sts at the shoulder and knit down to the cuff. The holes in the middle will be pockets once I'm done.

I have 4 babies coming this yr, from friends and family, that I know of so far so another plan is to make blankets for them like Stevens' baptism blanket, the large dishcloth one.
I really have to bust my fiber stash also... and with a new drum carder coming this month, I can get started on that too...
2008 will be busy for sure!!
Happy New Year from our family to yours!!


Jane said...

Sounds pretty ambitious! A Happy New Year to you too!

aksunflour said...

You are one fast knitter! Good luck w/using up your yarn.

Kris said...

You're such a speed demon! Lol!
I'm really quite amazed with how many knitters have resolved to knit from their stashes.