Friday, December 14, 2007

saving the best for last

my mitten swap pkg came yesterday!!
how cute are these mitts???
and they are SO warm.
and just check out all the goodies!!!
a cutsie little felt bag with snowflakes on it
a "parsley" dayplanner and a notebook too, and a grocery list pad.
2 neopolitain(sp) coconut bars, theres only one left now ;)
6 balls of swish yarn from knitpicks!! ( gotta love superwash yarn!!)
a little snowman pin
and the socks....
oh how cute are they... the snowman on them is made from somekind of fuzzier yarn... ADORABLE.
oh and lip balm (milk and honey) from Dionis ( it's a little stinky but oh so good... I've been smuthering my lips with it!!)


knitgirl63 said...

Yeah!! It was obviously worth the weight, I love the mitts and the felted bag. Totally awesome. The rest is cool too. Glad it worked out!


Deb said...

Awesome bunch of goodies. Just love those Santa socks! :o)