Wednesday, December 19, 2007

f*cked at Christmas

remember these mitts:

well I took week out of my christmas knitting to make these for a ladies daughter (V.B.)in town I've known for 16 yrs... I thought a little extra cash at christmas would be nice so I whipped them up in about a week... I even dyed them for her!
I gave them to her when I finished with good faith that I'd actually get paid... this was last wednesday the 12th... first she says that she didn't have any money until the child tax cheques came out on the 14th... ok... went to the Saan store where she works to get paid... ... shes sick that day... waited until tuesday, go back again... she's making up excuses why she doesn't have any money on her... I'll come to pay you tomorrow before work she says.... well I didn't see her today either... so I knew she was working, so I went to see her after work... she says now that the bank took a unexpected payment out of her account and wouldn't be able to pay me till next week...what a bunch of bull shit!!!
I told her I wanted the mitts back and she can have them when I get my money!!! she said that I can pick them up tomorrow...I was so pissed by this point!!
I really don't think she'll "remember" to bring them tomorrow either...
I thought we were friends.. but I guess not... she just likes f*cking ppl around.


Kris said...

Wow, that sucks! I hate it when "friends" do that shit and take advantage of the fact that you're being nice and making something for them when they've said they would pay for it. Ugh I hate it when people use others. Makes me pissy.
Hopefully you'll get the money (or the mitts) soon!

Deb said...

Another life lesson learnt the hard way. I'm sorry.

When someone does that to me, she's not my friend anymore, and I make sure that everyone else knows all about it. It's defamation of character but sometimes it's necessary to teach others that honesty is the best policy and you can't hide in the bush forever before someone will get you back.

The hot pink is really nice!