Tuesday, December 11, 2007

eat your heart out Charlie Brown

We put up our tree the other day...looks not to bad for a falling apart kind of tree, lots of garland and ornaments hide all the holes.... the tree was bought the yr DJ was born... so like 13 yrs ago... we wrapped presents last night

I finished Kims mitts and hat, she didn't want a baby pink color so I dyed them up for her... a nice rosey pink now... I hope she likes them!!

and yesterday I started moms cardi... I'm using the Mr. Greenjeans pattern, but so far only as a guidline since the yarn is thinner I have to go down a whole needle size for it to look good... I did the recomended repeats for the size I'm making and it wouldn't even reach down my shoulder... I knew I'd have to do more repeats but I'm not to sure how many??

I hope it gets done by X-mas!!

a close up of the sts, the color isn't yellowy like it is in the pics... more of a light greeny/blue.

well not to much time for blogging...

there's knitting to be done

till next time...

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noricum said...

I like a nice Charlie Brown tree... more space to hang ornaments properly. :)