Monday, October 08, 2007


a closer look:

even closer:

it's gonna be a doozie!!

I was locking the gate .... the red ball slipped outta my hand and got me right in the kisser.
The alpacas learnt some bad words and I came in to ice it.
tomorrow I'm buying a different bungie strap!!


Anonymous said...

ooooh ouchie!!

lets hope it doesnt get bad..


Dandy said...

yep it still hurts.. the swelling has gone down...and there is no bruising on the outside.. but the inside is GROSS!!

Yarn Devil said...

That does look like a hell of an ouch! Hope it feels better soon!!!

Deb said...

Oh gosh that looks painful!! I would have taken the hachet to that bungie strap for slappin' the kisser so hard! Bad, bad, bad!

Hope it doesn't take too long to heal.

Monika said...

A female teacher at my sons school lost one eye because of such a bungie strap, it might have had a hook. Those are dangerous!