Thursday, October 11, 2007

no more owies

my lip is better.. the swelling was mostly down the next morning... but during the day snacking and haveing lunch it kept gettin in the way and I bit it... alot... and that bruised it even more on the inside... thank goodness it was on the inside... cuz it was BAD!!!

to make myself feel better I ordered a couple jackets to try on from Sears....

the first one was a ( so they said ) beige and pink.... it looked great in the catalog!! but when it came, the beige was a pukey, diareah greeny beige!!!


the other one was a chocolate brown with blue and white... Ahhhhh much better!!

and since I liked the first jacket so much in the catalog I started making mitts to match... I will finish the mitts and they will be on etsy in a day or 2... and I'll start myself some with blue trim after that...

I'm sending the first jacket back tomorrow. I guess I should of waited before starting the mitts.. oh well.

I'm using the same yarn as I did for DJ's peekaboo mitts.... it's not so bad after a little wash.

I must pick up my kauni again soon.... I haven't touched it in weeks!

catchya all later

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