Sunday, October 07, 2007

feeling better

so I knit some mitts,

ok well first I finished the flutterby mitts for my swap partner.

the left mitt is unblocked in the pic... the yarn really relaxed after a good soaking

I hope she likes them!!

The last time we were in the city I picked up some Bernat natural alpaca yarn.

I cast on for some plain ole' mittens, then remembered about the Peekaboo mitts, wanting to make those too, so I added in the hole to the palm.

the yarn is a bit itchy and it also looses hair when you knitting it... it's nice and soft in the ball, but I'm not really all that impressed with it knit up... maybe if I used the recomended needles?? I went down a size and a half so the breeze wouldn't go thru as much.

I'm making chair booties too for a lady at the chicken plant... I'm crocheting them, but crocheting really bugs my wrists, I can only make 2 or 3 at a time then have to take a this might be the last pair I make....

We're having Thanksgiving supper at moms today, Chad, Christy and Steven came down... Steven is starting to make strange...

Christy passed him off to DJ when she had to go to the bathroom... he started to freak a bit so I got him... I put him up on my shoulder and was walking around with him... he was fine... until he seen his mom in the kitchen.... well he then leaned back and gave me a look like" who the hell are you if my mom is in there!!!!" poor baby.....

All cute and smiles when mom and dad are around, but wines a bit when I try and hold funny kid.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow canucks!!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are well again

love the mittens...bummer about the alpaca ones being not so nice feeling :(


Jane said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your mittens are fantastic! Glad you are feeling better.

Deb said...

The mittens turned out very pretty!

Funny you should mention crocheted chair booties. I had to make them for my brother's 6 chairs on my last trip home. He was astonished at how smoothly the chairs slide across the floor with sockies on. lol

So glad you're feeling better and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! :o)