Friday, October 12, 2007

mother load

lookie what I got from a lady in town today:

( it all fit in that box in the back)

(and she says there's more to come... she got it from her sister or friend and only likes darker color and has no use for this... AND she didn't want a thing for it!! ) :O)

loads of lopi wool

(I can see many felting projects coming my way!)

a little bag of angora (so nice)

(it's in there somewhere)

some alpaca was knit with then frogged... like (((hugging))) Seirra

some tweedy greeny blue probally enough for some kind of sweater??

and that shiney bluey/greenin the bag top left... silk!!

some mohair and some other thinner yarns

I'm really digging the lopi yarns!! and I love the colors too..

oh and you know that Mr. Greenjeans I knit... well in Ravelry it's a hit...

check this out:

25 ppl have it in they're favs!!


and this is the bomb

you type mr. G in the pattern search......


there it is MY cardi as the featured cardi for the pattern!!

they ( the ravelry ppl) wrote me the other day asking if they could use it... I said of course they can.

I'm so touched... I didn't know what to say... I'm honored really!

till next time....

knit some mitts...winters coming.....

I'm up to the second thumb ;o)


Deb said...

Weeeeeeee!! What a haul of yarn! You lucky gal!

Congrats on having Mr.G featured on Ravelry. Jess has great taste! You really did an awesome job of it and deserve the exposure. :o)

Jane said...

Oh wow! You hit the jackpot - you must be in yarn heaven right now!
I'm so glad that I am your best friend and you are going to share with me VBG!
Also - your Mr.G is great!

Yarn Devil said...

Hey! awesome haul with the yarn! I bet you'll have some fun with that! All sorts of little goodies are probly calling to you!

Congrats with your sweater too!! It is beautiful work!!!

aksunflour said...

Awesome loot! And congratulations on Ravelry. What an honor!

I had to bail on knitted mittens- went to sewing fleece (winter came way to early!).