Wednesday, October 17, 2007

black pixie slippers

For Halloween this yr DJ wants to be a black pixie...

don't ask... she has a plan about the outfit and everything. I'm just going to leave it at that and make whats needed, I promise to take a pic!!

well she wanted ballet slippers... in black no less

she found this pattern and after 2 nights of knitting ( me knitting not her)

she has these:

Zoeys' butt for scale... lol

till next time...
10 mins later....
DJ came down looking like this:

now we ALL know what a black pixie looks like!!


actually I couldn't stop laughing... it's so not her!!

she thinks she looks gothic... so I bet her costume will change.

what do all of you think??


sophanne said...

I'd like to see possibly some wings or a wrap of some kind- more pixie layers to create some pixie illusion myself. It must be pretty hysterical to be a mom sometimes.

aksunflour said...

Does look Gothic. More like a pirate than a fairy though. I agree w/sophanne about needing more gauzy layers on the bottom for a fairy look. How about some black roses in a head wreath?

Some costumes that kids come w/are just funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL..i have to agree its not really her..

BUT..she sure ha some imagination to think of it..


kristo said...

It does look "Goth" but that's very Halloween-y right?