Sunday, September 23, 2007

I frogged 4 times!!

yes Tricia you read that right .. 4 times!!

I didn't like the cast on for the kauni, first I tried to cast on 2 black 2 pink... which was turning out fine... but then after knitting a few rows found out that it wasn't very stretchy... rippit.
then I was going to use a backwards cast on with 2 colors, well that was just plain ugly... rippit
then I tried a braided cast on ( 2 colors again)
maybe would of looked ok if I changed colors every st like it said too, but I'm doing k2 p2... rippit
then I decided to do a search...
I looked at kauni sweaters on flickr, google and ravelry...
( and speaking of ravelry, I found a kauni sweater knit as a pullover...
it links to flickr
so guess what?? I'm going to knit mine as a pullover)
well all the ones that looked the best had the cast on ALL in one color...
I used a cable cast on with a smidge bigger needle with the black yarn.
We have a BINGO!!!

I didn't get as much done as I wanted today... I was planning for the ribbing and 1 repeat.... I have the ribbing and 3 rows... it was a gloomy day and all I wanted to do was sleep.... but I did manage to do some laundry, dishes and blanche some tomatoes for freezing.....

I got my mitten swap partner today too... just in time for shopping tomorrow!!

we're going to the city.. I need to get more contacts and new glasses too... my last pair is about 8 yrs old... and scratched very badly, and I have 1 contact left...not good when you have 2

the girls both need new winter jackets and probally boots too, but will save that for another trip...

till next time

knit on!

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Yarn Devil said...

Hey, Looks much nicer, From the pictures looks like it was worth the frogging!! Will be awaiting finished pics!!!