Friday, September 21, 2007

and I've begun....

The past 2 nights/mornings before and after work I've been working at turning the skeins into balls of yarn. it took less than 3 hrs per skein... I had to drape it over the back of the chair and wound it into a ball from there... I'm looking into making this swift ;)

all neat in their own huge ziploc bags ready to go:
and here it is...

ta da.. the ribbing!!

wow huh??

are you impressed?

yeah me neither...

it's taking forever... the 3mm needles are the killer!

but yeah, I like it and will work on this baby ... for a LONG LONG time... lol

I found this version of the cardi on flickr, searched until I found her blog ,

I hope she doesn't mind but I'd LOVE to copy hers...

it's gorgeous!!!


Yarn Devil said...

The Tshirt Looks Great!!!

noricum said...

Great job on the shirt! :)

charley said...

This design is the copyrighted property of the designer. We must all respect other artists' work by not stealing.
The shirt is only $15.00 from City Knitting, a shop which has paid the designer for the right to use it.
We have lots of fun with the shirt and would like you to have one. We'll forgive and forget, AND send you your own FREE shirt, if you remove this post, and send us a little creation for our collection of knitted items for our local children's hospital, a cap, socks, a toy, puppet - anything. Just go to our website for our mailing address, enclose your mailing info, and I'll send you a shirt on us. This way I think we are both doing our best to protect other's rights. Deal? p.s. The deal is for you only, as yours is the first copy I spotted.
I drove through your beautiful province once - great silos and lots of sky!-lovely.
City Knitting
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dandy said...

Lorilee, I'm so sorry... I really didn't mean anything bad by it.. it was just so adorable....
I removed "that" portion of the post.
I have tons of "things" finished upstairs... I'll go in and find a few and send them off to you today.
again I'm sorry.