Monday, September 24, 2007

Buttons came...

and now Mr. Greenjeans is in the completed pile!

the flash is a bugger huh?? the buttons are a maroon color and really go well with the cardi.... not to bad for holding up the sweater to the computer screen while browsing etsy!! lol

I've also finished 1/2 the chart of the kauni sweater

how freaking cool looking is that, I just want to stay home and knit it all the live long day... and I'm coming up to the first color change in the yarn!!

I'm so excited... lol

knit on


sophanne said...

You make me like the Mr. GreenJeans sweater. I didn't love the fit of it in the model pictures. Kauni heartshapes- that'll get a mention at knit night tonight. woo hoo!

Deb said...

Mr. GreenJeans is perfect! It looks terrific on you! Sure helps to have a nice flattering figure..... that's my downfall. lol

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic!! Looks like you are getting ready for the cooler weather on your way with all that knitwear.

I plan on knitting the hoodie from latest knitty for me.