Sunday, September 16, 2007

7 inches today

I knit as much as I could.. and have 7 inches to the cardi.... I really can't wait till it's done, just trying on this part is so warm and cozy!!
I asked Naiomi to take some shots:

she seemed to capture the best moments.... lol

and little did I know she was still shooting after I was done.
little booger.


Yarn Devil said...

The sweater is looking beautiful! I can see why your excited and want to call in sick!! LOL Can't wait to see you modeling it finished!! Beautiful work!

sophanne said...

Yes- that will be a good one-

calling in sick to work on a sweater... why didn't I think of that...doh!

Unknown said...

Oh you are making great progress! Looks great! Nice pic taking too, Naiomi

Deb said...

Great photographer you have there! lol
Seriously, the sweater looks really nice. You sure knit a lot faster than I do. I'll have to cut out all that other 'lazy' stuff I do to keep up with you. ;-)
Can't wait to see it finished.