Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mr. Greenjeans is bustin my stash!!

I cast on for Mr. G today...

and altho I had to take the afternoon off to help Albert putting tin on the shed I got this far:

not to bad huh??

the yarn is handspun by me using this roving from Copper Moose

It's something I had in my stash and I had spun it up awhile back.. maybe last yr or the yr before... I had spun it as a worsted weight and it's working perfect for this... I didn't swatch... (I never swatch... swatching is for wimps... lol...)

so I hope it blocks ok and doesn't grow too much...

I'll be working on the cables most of tomorrow, at least that what I hope to be doing... Albert has plans to finish the shed and take down the trampoline....

maybe I can call in sick??

Shelly from FunKnits sent my yarn the other day...

I also changed my mind on the colors I am getting

instead of EQ ( I don't like how the yellows and blue/greenish areas turn out on the sweaters I've seen) I'm getting

EG ( which is reds/burgendys)

and ET (greys/blacks and on my monitor looks like a bit of purple too)

It should be here sometime this week I think, so I'd like to have Mr.G done because I know I'll want to cast on for the kauni cardi as soon as I get the yarn!

Till next time.....

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