Monday, September 17, 2007

day 3 progress

I knit ALL day today... I finished the body at about 2 this afternoon, took a break to do the dishes then started the sleeve.I just finished it about 20 mins ago....
I'll probally finish the other sleeve by about saturday, since my days off are done and I'm back to work tomorrow...
DJ says I should call in sick because I have "knitting fever" lol
thats my girl....
what a proud moment when your daughter knows you well enough to start making up excuses for you to skip work so you can stay home and
I tried it on and it's a bit snug... and I have to block the crap outta it.
The sleeve comes to the point on my arm as in the knitty pic.. and I'm not to sure if I like it there?? I might have to frog bottom of the sleeve and knit it longer, I'll leave the ends out for now until it's blocked and will see then.
I bought these buttons for it, I'm thinking to add 2 buttons closer together in the middle instead of just one, I'll wait for the buttons to come before I decide on that or not.
I don't think I've knit this much since the knitting Olympics.
but it's all
oh can you smell that??
I do think it's fiber.
Found you!
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I'm getting so close now I can smell it ... ha ha ha
catchya later... I'm off to bed and rest my arms.

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