Sunday, July 22, 2007

breaking sierra

This morning we took Sierra on her last walk with the training rope on her... and you know you harldy have to pull on it... just Naiomi had to tug on the lead rope a few times.... now since Seirra is Naiomis alpaca it was her who got to take her for her first walk and to help Albert.

Here Albert is taking the training rope off of Sierra.... hold on Naiomi!!!
Naiomi was quietly talking to her
"come on Sierra, lets go for a walk, good girl"

out around the poop pile

and back again
look at that grin on her face!!

and one more time

Once they got back to the barn I trimmed the rest of her fiber where the training rope was then Naiomi gave her a hug and a scratch and took the lead rope off... she can't wait to talk her for another walk tomorrow!

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