Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sierras turn

It's Sierras turn to get halter broken...all is going very well...We took her for a walk this morning and she hardly pulled back on the rope... she's a fast learner!! We'll either let her off the rope tonight or tomorrow morning. This is the first time Naiomi could get up close and personal with her alpaca... and boy is she loving it... Sierras such a sweet heart and loves a good rub on the neck... she'll lean right into your belly and and soak it all in!!

I thought she was a dark chocolate color... but it turns out shes black... her tips were lighter from getting bleached from the sun.... she also got a hair cut the same night. I picked thru 1/2 of her fiber, and will do more tomorrow ,then wash it up.

and a FO.... I was searching etsy for some ideas... and found a little wrist wallet....
so with some thinking I came up with this little doozie:

I used some of my handspun and is it ever soft and squishy

side view:
it's 4 inches across the top,
about 5 inches across the bottom part
and the i-cord handle is just big enough to fit my hand thru

and the cute bottom.
this will be great to use up little bits of handspun and only takes a couple hours to make!

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