Tuesday, February 20, 2007

zigging and zagging

I cast on this morning... and some how I lost 2 sts on one needle, I have 33 and 31?? oh well I'll just add 2 sts when I start the heel, which is going to be short row, and this is as tall as the sock is going to be as DJ wants ankle socks (ofcourse) ;)

I'm not adding beeds down the foot either, I think that would be uncomfy since I didn't have the right size beeds and had to go up a size.

super easy pattern Donna, I'm giving it a thumbs up!!


Yarn Devil said...

I love your sock! I like the beads and the pattern. Were the beads hard to knit in? Pretty!

Dandy said...

Hi Cindy.. thanks, nope they wern't to bad to knit in.. Donna has a tut for knitting them in and it's great!!

Anonymous said...

ooooooh thats gonna look great when done.