Friday, February 23, 2007

snowed in again....

It snowed and was blowing all night, Albert just barely made it out of the yarn edit, I meant to type in early this morning, he has a 4x4, my little van isn't so lucky. All of the busses in the area didn't go either.

so today the girls and myself did this:
thats 2 or 3 loads in each basket

Oh, and one more:

probally 5 or 6 more to go, but lets not think about that.

I also knit another 2.5 repeats on the zig zag sock
I'll do a short row toe to finish it off, probably today.

I also have plans for my own sock pattern,
cables and lace, that I found in a book that I got from Alberts mom long ago.
till then....

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Anonymous said...

wanna come here and do all my washing for me now?

I am hoping to get back to the sock I am designing by the end of this month (as soon as I finish the STUPID birthday cardigan that I am sick of!!