Monday, February 19, 2007

and then there were 2....

I just finished the second sock.. I knit all day long off and on.
First we went to see little Lincoln... what a doll!!
here's a close up of the kitchnering down of the hem.
this is the better looking of the 2, the first one was bumpy and very uneven.
but it's just a sock that will be under my jeans so I left it as is.

next on the block is Donnas' Zig Zag socks
with Opal Ambiente # 36117
pink, purple, and orange.


Donna (Random Knits) said...

I knit hubby some Trekking socks in that colourway :)
Can't wait to see the ZigZag socks!!

Random Knits

Anonymous said...

Those socks are sooooo gorgeous!!

Yep I have Donna's Zigzag socks on my list of socks to make too at some point!!

Just got to get the time.