Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beary Small Knits

cute huh?
I have this little bear that needed a sweater and some socks.
Kate I used the yarn you sent.
for others... it's Opal Prisma #1191
the sweater is a top down raglan knit on 2.25mm dpns
and the socks.. how cute are they??
top down too!
now after knitting these I couldn't even imagine knitting something mini like some ppl do.
this was so small enough for me!
I'm debating whether or not to send it with the tote bag to my partner.. it's so fiddly, but do I really need another stuffed animal?? probally not...
plus he has a history, the bear most likely made in China with Canada embroidered on his chest, going to live with a lady in the states.
The sweater and socks.. made with yarn from Germany, sent to australia, swapped for kool aid from canada.
what a


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! And what a great little history there of the bear and wool!

Did you do all the patterns yourself? You should put them up on your blog. I assume it would fit most beanie and beanie like bears?


Dandy said...
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Dandy said...

if I make it again I'll right down more of what I did and add it to the blog. There are 2 more colors of bears at work so I might have to make some triplets ;)

Anonymous said...

Good idea!!

I really hope that pattern will turn up today!! It shouldnt be taking TWO WEEKS to get to you!!


Dandy said...

Kate today is sunday here and tomorrow is a holiday... maybe tuesday or wed??

keep your fingers crossed..

Jane said...

Yes - I do think you should send that bear to your ITEIII pal LOL
Funny to see him on your blog, and then see him sitting right here!