Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brea Bag is finito

ok, I finished Brea last night but probally added a couple more repeats on the handle.. it's a tad bit short, but how ofter I've been changing bags lately it won't

I used red heart but looking at it now, I think I should wash it.
I wish I used wool as it should probally be blocked to look the best.
I'll use it tomorrow and see if I like it or not.
next on the FO trip is apple.. I still have the back of the sleeves, the front left sleeve, the hood, the cuffs and the button band....
it sounds like alot but it's really not much.. if I sit down and knit for a day it'd be done.. maybe saturday??


Anonymous said...

bag looks great!!

there is a lot of things left for Apple..But its a lot of little things. I find baby sleeves easy and mindless ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome looking bag! Have the girls tried to steal it on you yet??