Wednesday, January 17, 2007

someone will be warm this winter...

my bro in law Mitch asked me to make 3 willie warmers before Xmas.... then he phones the other day and wanted 2 more for this friday.. a regular sized one and a smaller one... he thinks they are great gifts....

also on the needles is the brea Bag from the berroco site, instead of buying a handle I'm making one.. I knit a 4 st i-cord put it thru the hole for the handle, and starting knitting a cable on the 8 sts, slipping the first st of every row, I'll end with another i-cord and graft it to the cable.

( i'm bustin' my stash for both projects)

I bought the mag knitters universe last week and found the bag in there...

Purse and cables.. I cast on that night when I got home!!

thats not the only reason for buying the mag....

this too

Khaki Cables

don't you just love it??

when I finish a few things... like the bag handle and apple... which I better work on soon as that baby is growing like there's no tomorrow!

later gators


Anonymous said...

Your Brother in law is a funny one!! lol

I feel sorry for the friend of his getting the small one ;)

Bag is going to look great!


Sarah said...

I have had my eye on that berroco bag pattern; might just have to add it to my to do list since yours looks so good knitted up. Those willie warmers always crack me up!